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I like to think we all take pictures.  Some to show what fun we get up too, for memories, a dedicated record of events, or just because we like to see if we possess an artistic side.  Things have changed in photography over the years, now the tendency is to use digital cameras from compacts to SLR's, and as the price of hardware and computer software continues to fall, the digital image seems to be the way forward.

pentax.gif bronica.gif

Go back approx 20 years ago and my camera system consisted of a couple of 35 mm Pentax ME Super's and a medium format Bronica ETRS 645 camera.  Well I still have them, and I am keen to do something with them!  So a little while ago I cleaned all the equipment, replaced the batteries and bought some B&W Ilford FP4, chemicals and papers.  Next I found a local studio and hired it and a model for 2 hours to shoot a few roles of film.

If it could go wrong it did!  My favourite portrait lens is the 150 mm for the Bronica , through lack of use over the past years the lens leaf shutter was not always working.  This showed up by not triggering the flash heads, but it turned out to be far worse then this. 

More often the shutter would simply not work at all meaning an unexposed frame on the negative.  Thinking at the time it was just the flash contacts at fault, it was decided to use the modeling lights of the flash heads to take the pictures by.  So with a wide open f3.5 lens and around 1/30'th to 1/60'th shutter speed several rolls of film were "exposed".


These are low dpi scans of the negatives and are shown here without any correction.  I hope this will provide me with a way to indulge my hobby, as in B&W film and development, use a scanner to check and show the negatives and then later print on photographic paper ones I truly like.

What I have not discovered yet is how much quality I loose with the basic Printer scanner I have, but it is a start.  The 150 mm lens has been replaced with another and I hope to start againsoon with another studio session.  Was the studio shoot a disapointment?  From my equipment point of view, yes, but I can learn from that.  I certainly decided to read the user guides on the flash meter and camera in general. 

From the point of taking pictures, I enjoyed it and the process of developing the negatives.  The dissapointment in the lack of good images was shattering but I cannot fault the model who put up with frequent breaks whilst I changed the 15 shot roll film and smilled though it all, or the owner of the studio, Adrian, who offered guidence and sugestions when all seemed to fail.

Till next time!


On occasions I have found myself working on Purtugal, around the north or the country in Oporto.   When I had a few weekend free I would travel around and take a few snaps with my Kodak digital camera.

Here are just six pictures of each town I managed to do some sight seeing in, all have been reduced in size to speed up download and reduce the area on screen.

oporto1.jpg oporto6.jpg  oporto2.jpg oporto3.jpg oporto4.jpg oporto5.jpg

braga1.jpg braga2.jpg braga3.jpg braga4.jpg braga5.jpg braga6.jpg

Viana do Castelo
viana5.jpg viana3.jpg  viana6.jpg viana1.jpg  viana4.jpg
aveiro1.jpg aveiro2.jpg aveiro3.jpg aveiro4.jpg aveiro5.jpg aveiro6.jpg


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