As the number of inputs to my page seems to be going up I thought (and after much nagging from my husband) I better update my web page with some new items.

paper weight

I made the paperweight on one of my days at Alton Hall in Preston. The Christmas card and the Japanese Lady were done there too. All on different days I hasten to add.



After my trip to Alston Hall I decided to try a cup mat.


Since subscribing to the Pergamano magazine ( the details of which can be found by clicking on Pergamano World listed under my favourites sites) I have tried many different designs and techniques but have given the cards away. One of the more recent ones that I have not parted with yet is this one


and others that I have borrowed back from my Mum and Dad.



This card is my own design.


All the other cards and items on this page are from the many Pergamano books that are available from craft stores.

And my favourite is still the fan although the paper weight comes a close second.


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